So, So Thankful


So very much to be thankful for this year.


The new exciting things, the old, comfortable things.


A few very, very hard things…


and some incredibly wonderful, happy things.

All, I believe, designed by our loving Heavenly Father to help us stretch and grow and love harder and stronger and ultimately…


to bring us closer to Him.

I am indeed grateful for my sweet home and cute chickens and my dear, dear family….


some of whom may or may not be playing chess…

at the dinner table.

And I love them to bits.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.


Thankful Stuff










All the regular stuff that’s been going up, here and there for a few years. But this year, it’s pretty dang fun to find new places to put things…in my own little cottage.

Always, always…so much to be thankful for.


Thankful Day~


Rhen ran off early on Thanksgiving morning to play football with the big boys. Of course, I snuck (is that a word?) away quietly after him to take a few pictures. Trouble is, they played on a field soooo dang far away that I couldn’t even tell which moving blur was actually him. After zooming in about eight-hundred-million times, it turns out that he is the guy on the far right. Seriously couldn’t tell…so I went home.


And it was a good thing too, because the Macy’s Parade was on–and you know I don’t want to miss that. I positively LOVE it. In fact, someday–I’d like to be sitting in one of those hotel rooms watching the parade from the window, like the little girl does in Miracle On 34th Street. Mmmmm…that would be awesome.

Bucket List for sure.


Blondie was pretty excited about the Sesame Street float…


and Rhen started shrieking when he saw these guys. No earthly idea why.


Later that day, we zipped off to April and Jacobs for the real-deal-meal. Petra is hoping Jacob drops some of the turkey he’s carving. No chance, chicky. Turkey is bad for doggies. But the humans are going to LOVE it.


That, and every other dang thing on the table. Yummo. Come to me mashed potatoes, I have big plans for you. Heh, heh.


Oh, wait. There’s a cat in my seat. Down Buttercup. You ain’t having my turkey either.


The kids made these oh-so-adorable place cards so we’d all know where we were going. Good thing, too cause I wouldn’t want to get lost on a day like today…


and with a plate full of scrumptiousness. Stuf-fing–stuf-fing–stuf-fing…


Guess the kids knew that Rhenny-boy likes bananas.


Such a good, good day.


Even had a bit of after dinner entertainment. That is suppose to say, “Ready for some haunted adventures and excitement?” So cute. It turned out to be a couple kids walking around under blankets while the other ones threw pillows at them. Spooky indeed.


Several people were asked to bring pie. I’d say it was a successful adventure. Hmmmm…where to start? Where to start?


One of each ought to do it.

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A Perfect Day of Thanks


The morning began with the “Turkey Bowl” for the big boys. Of course, I’d rather watch football than sleep but to put my boys in the game together–well, I’d give up a bag of Cheetos for that. It was pure heaven to watch them together, which is something that hasn’t happened much lately, with Dane living in Idaho now. So, all the other ladies might have been home cooking turkey, but I wasn’t about to miss a second of this.


Then, home for breakfast of corn bread and honey butter, gingerbread and whipped cream, and blueberry muffins just because. It’s sort of our evolved pilgrim breakfast…kind of.


And then the parade that makes me feel like a 7 year old again…


which is a lovely thing for me. It’s a dream of mine to someday rent a hotel room overlooking the parade route and watch it–for real, from the window, with my whole family.


Then have our Thanksgiving dinner there in the room. No idea where we’d get the food from, but we’d figure it out. I’ll do it too…someday. You’ll see.


But in the real world, there were four pans of Mom’s stuffing to toast. Note to self and all concerned: dried, minced onion is not the same thing as one cup fresh, chopped onion.

Won’t make that mistake again. But it was still good…enough.


While most people were eating their feast, we relaxed, kicked back and watched a movie. The other kids were having their time with their in-laws, so we figured it was the perfect time to watch Captain America. Seemed appropriate somehow–hahaha. But I was kind of amazed at how nice it was to just sit calmly for awhile and do nothing.


Then, on to April’s we went for the real deal, real meal.


Such abundance, and goodness…


and heavenly, scrumptious food.


Why, Dane even made Cinnamon Monkey Bread with a lovely crunchy top. Yes, it was me that kept picking at it.  :}


But the food is nothing in comparison to the company. Every single soul that I love, with all my heart…all together in one place.


It’s true…


we are so blessed.

And I am so grateful.