Holiday Aprons

Around here–if it’s going to be rainy and cold outside there aren’t really a ton of choices. You either cook…

A Apron 004

or sew. Looking at my pretty little fabric stash–sewing won, hands down.

A Apron 006

I did a bit of exploring online and found some really pretty apron patterns–for free. And since it is the season for playing around in the kitchen it seemed like the perfect thing–Thanksgiving aprons. Ahhhh….

A Apron 015

I chose the “Child’s Apron” pattern from Skip To My Lou first thing. It was just simple and girly enough to suit the mood.

A Apron 026

Seriously, it took about an hour and a half from rummaging through the fabric to actual Apron.

A Apron 024

The trick–for me, any way–is to keep an iron set up and handy as I sew. It comes together much more quickly and there are fewer hitches.

A Apron 008

Now, to find a pretty little lady who wants to help me in the kitchen.

I have a surprise for them…

13 Replies to “Holiday Aprons”

  1. This turned out sooo great! 🙂 I love the combination of colors/patterns! You did great! I hope you make a couple so all the little people in our world can “help” you in the kitchen!!!

  2. Very very cute! Oh, and thanks for the blogiversary prize–I received it the other day and Sam loved reading it with me!

  3. Ohh I want one in a Big girl size. Of course I am such a messy cook I need the top part too. So cute. I love the combination of fabrics so cute.
    I have a lot of christmas fabric. I should bring some to you to make them some Christmas one’s too.

    Also been meaning to tell you this site is so well designed it is beautiful.

  4. Oh, I know. I have a pattern for a “Donna Reed” type–full apron and it is sooo cute. You can use the pattern too. I really like the girly aprons–not such a big fan of the butcher type. I was just born in the wrong era!

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog. My daughter, April is “SassyFruit Studios,” and she is the designer of this fun little place.

    PS–I need that headband man…

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