How The Other Half Lives

This–my friends, is what it looks like to watch an official Jazz game…

from “the box.”ย  You know, the box

where they feed you amazing, scrumptious food like pork loin and potatoes and cheesecake and soft fluffy rolls.

Oh, and we get to watch the amazing Jazz too. They were fabulous!

We could watch the game on the monitors, just like the folks at home…

or up really close with some hoity-toity binoculars…provided they’re turned around the right way, that is.

Hey, she’s two.

We won cool jackets and T-shirts and backpacks–just for the heck of it…

and then they fed us again!

I always imagined “the box” like a funny little crowded spot where you had to stand the whole time to see anything at all.

Yeah, was I ever wrong.

Certainly the most fun we’ve had in a long, long time–thanks to Bishop Thomas and the folks at Coke/Sprite.

How will be ever be content in the green seats again?

7 Replies to “How The Other Half Lives”

  1. I love being in the “box”. When we lived in Colorado we were in the “box” for Rockies games and sometimes the Broncos games. They were so fun!

  2. We obviously don’t know the right people because I’ve never been in the box. We once sat on the top row with a million little Jr Jazz players – no you can’t see anything from there – and that is the extent of my jazz watching. I can now say I know someone who has watch from the box which is probably as close as I’ll ever get.
    PS who is the cute girl with her arm around the almost missionary?

  3. Well, it was a new experience for most of us–certainly me. I could learn to LOVE basketball this way. That’s saying a lot for a devoted football fan.

  4. Nate’s dad is the Coke rep and gets tickets for sponsored events all the time. So amazing. It was pretty fun to be pampered and given stuff the whole night.

    Oh, and…um…a dear…family…friend. heh, heh.

  5. Go Jazz! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good thing they won that night! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ha ha ha… what am I saying, it still would’ve been fun even if they lost, it’s just even better that they won! YAY! I’m glad you were able to come.

  6. I’ve ushered people to their box seats and been in them during work for football and other special events… but that’s the closest for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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