Tinsel Baby

My momma said that she could stick this little fluffy baby under the Christmas tree and I’d be content forever–or at least while she got some of her work done. The lights and tinsel and shiny glass ornaments still have the same effect on me these days. I could sit in a dim room, lit only by the tree and be happy for a long, long time.

Last year, while trying to recreate some of the past Christmas magic, I realized that we were missing tinsel. Even in a black and white photo–you can see how sparkly and magic it is–and I wanted to give my kids a bit of…ancient culture. Anyway, I went to several places and no luck. No tinsel to be found…anywhere. One clerk even told me that it was banned because cats eat it and die. Wow–that was a bit dramatic. At any rate, I quit looking for that nasty cat slaying tinsel from that second on.

Until…after…Christmas, when–without looking–I found a whole cart full at Rite Aid for ten cents a piece. It was meant to be.

Watch out Beany boy…

I sort of bought 6 million packs…

for posterity’s sake.

heh, heh.

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  1. I can’t believe that you found tinsel! I have been looking for some for years. A few Christmases ago I found boxes of it (or so I thought) and bought some. When I opened the box at home I found that it was made out of plastic, like the plastic Easter grass. The so called tinsel was so full of electricity that you could hardly put it on the tree. We ended up wearing most of it on our sweaters!

  2. Oh the memories of trying to separate and delicately place a single strand on every little pine branch. Or there was the take a hand full and gentle toss it into the air and hope it came out looking good method. The best memory (not really) was the taking it off each little pine branch and delicately laying it back in the box for next year – personally I think it’s best we look out for the well being of all cats!

  3. Well, this could turn out just the same way. I read the back of the box and it says, “metalized plastic” –so we’ll see!
    A sweater made of icicles sounds interesting.


  4. Yeah, I remember my mom leaving us kids alone to add the tinsel and coming back to find that we’d been tossing big wads of the stuff and there it sat in huge snarly blobs all over the tree. She nearly fainted…and we got to take it all off and put it back…piece by piece.
    What a crack up!
    The package does say, “Not digestible. May cause harm to children and pets if swallowed.”
    What on earth would make them want to eat the stuff?
    We’ll put it up high.

  5. Oh, no…I haven’t forgotten one bit. Our photographer and his wife just had a new baby–right after the premiere so we only just got the disc last week. Still trying to figure out how to post over 300 pictures. Working on it…

  6. What a cute little baby. πŸ™‚ I don’t ever remembering using tinsel like that on our tree growing up so I will have to be taught the ancient ways! πŸ˜‰ Ha ha ha!

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