Happy Daddy’s Day…

…and everything that it means to you.

I have a lovely, sweet daughter that sees this day just a tiny bit differently—after many years of being raised by a single-mom.

She’s just a cute little reminder to me that whether you are—climbing mountains or sliding down them,  realizing reasons to rejoice or to mourn, lying in the warm sunshine or splashing in the rain—this life is what you make it–every step of the way.

We are determined to make it good.



A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.
~Author Unknown

6 Replies to “Happy Daddy’s Day…”

  1. what a sweet daughter!I too have one of those! Sami has been remembering me on Fathers Day for many years- this year she actually found a card that was for a mom on fathers day- good kids! they make me cry! =)

  2. No way! I’d love to see a card for the mom’s of earth that are doing both jobs. How cool. I’m so glad you have webcam so you can feel close to your babies–the big ones and the little ones.

  3. That Lyndi is way too cool. I don’t think anyone could be as thoughtful as her even if they tried. Happy Fathers Day, I guess..from me too.

  4. 🙂 I love you!!! You should have let me edit that picture so that it said I gave you a MILLION dollar gift card! 😉 That would be wAAAy cooler!

  5. Hi launi,

    I just wanted you to know that I didn’t ignore your knock on my door earlier today. I just didn’t hear you knock. I may have been yelling at that time. It is summer we have fans going and the TV on. I am just not quite myself yet. I found out today that my Iron is on the low side.

    I hope one day soon that I will need those CD again.

    I am grateful that you were thinking of me.


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