From the Frozen North

We might not be getting much in the way of snow–but I can tell you where it’s all going…that’s for sure.

It’s landing right smack dab on my cute boy in Siberia!

He’s been given a new assignment though. Last week he was called as an Assistant to the Mission President and he sounds pretty happy about it. He’ll travel and visit and help the other missionaries with their work or with the language–or whatever they need. They couldn’t have picked a better fellow for the job.

Besides his sweet grin–the best part of this photo is that familiar blue cube on the side of the desk. Can you see it? Seems that all the way on the other side of the world, he still has his beloved Rubix with him. I can just hear him telling the other guys to, “…mess it up for me, would ya?” so he can solve it–over and over again. The smarty pants.

Comforting to my mama-heart to know that even though he’s learning and growing and becoming who he needs to be–so far away…

all in all, he’s still my boy.

And that’s so, so nice.


6 Replies to “From the Frozen North”

  1. Do they send out memos each morning telling everyone what color of tie to wear – he he he. Must have been blue tie day. He looks great, you should be proud.

  2. I miss that kid so dang much I can hardly think about it. I still bawl like a nut. I read his letters and I bawl…I see his pictures and I bawl…I see missionaries in the street and I bawl.

  3. No, actually he’s waaaay shorter. He’s just closer to the camera. Isn’t that weird? His last companion was his same height and he was from Orem–they knew each other from school.

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