The bald kid on the other side of the world, sent me this photo today and for those of you who haven’t already heard my favorite story–I’ll explain. This boy of mine is certainly not having the typical missionary experience.

Kazakhstan is a place where the missionaries can’t do a lot of the regular things a missionary would do because it is a Muslim country and their laws forbid it. So, in order to not be offensive in any way to the people or their culture, the guys have had to find other ways to make friends and provide service to those that they meet. The Mission President gave the guys permission to enroll in the university and take some classes on the Kazakh language. So, one afternoon the guys wander out to the sports field and see all these guys running around all crazy-like on the field. They told our boys that they were playing “America Football.”  When the players found out that the Bald Kid was actually from America and had seriously played football–they went berserk…

and made him…

the coach…

in a shirt and tie.

I think it’s safe to say that he’s having the time of his life.

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3 Replies to “Football?”

  1. I am so thrilled for the wonderful experiences Rhen is having. I don’t know that there are any “typical” missions though. Isn’t it great to know that each call is received by revelation and that every missionary is sent to a place where their talents and strengths can best be used to make a difference wherever they are called. It is so comforting and amazing to me to know that Heavenly Father knows what is needed long before the event takes place, we just have to have the faith to put our trust in Him and go forward.

  2. Okay…seriously this is the greatest thing EVER! I am literally laughing out loud! Wow, the Lord surely blesses us doesn’t he? Rhen, I’M SURE, is having the TIME OF HIS LIFE! How fun for him!! 😀

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