The Storm

Our thoughts go out to all those on the East Coast today, 6.5 million people–as well as friends and family–dealing with the devastating effects of hurricane Sandy.

Please be well and safe. Stay indoors and hunker down with a pile of blankets, and we’ll all pray that this storm subsides…very soon.

Our love and prayers are with you.

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4 Replies to “The Storm”

  1. One cousin in PA and they still have power. On a walk with the dog last night the wind smelled like salt and the ocean – they live about 100 miles from the ocean. She baked rolls and cookies yesterday and got the house vacuumed just in case, while others were out clearing store shelves for anything that was left. Another cousin in Virginia – haven’t heard how they got through the night yet but they are super prepared and will be fine because they have heeded the words of a prophet. So grateful for prophets.

  2. Ocean City, Maryland is where we were when we had our first kiss…I cannot imagine what it looks like now. My heart goes out to all the people there. Many prayers are being said here.

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