Flip Book

Let me explain…

crackers 105

Beckham is surprised at the feeling of cold water in his lap…

crackers 106

Lily thinks, “Hmmmm….looks fun…”

crackers 107

“…I believe I shall try it.”

Twin joy.



Food Storage Prompt #7  100 pounds of wheat.

Note: Some items may cost a bit more these days than when these prompts were originally written, but hopefully it will still be helpful to have a nudge to gather these items each week.

5 Replies to “Flip Book”

  1. Ha ha ha!!! Ohhh the curiosity that has filled these two!!! Good thing it’s getting warmer sooo it won’t be sooo bad when they dump their water out all over!!! 😉

  2. I know–and they are built right into the seat of my old, ridiculous van! It’s almost as if someone knew 14 years ago (very old van) that we’d have two babies now that needed them. So cool.

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