Counting the Days~


Do you see this adorable boy holding this ominous eagle? DO you?! Well, guess what? This cute thing is coming home pretty darn soon. The boy, that is…not the eagle.  Which makes me very happy indeed. Because he has–in fact–been gone an incredibly long time.


 And if you happen to see me walking down the street, let me just tell you a couple of things that you DO NOT get to say to me.

# 1– “Has it been two years ALREADY? It feels like a couple of months.”  No, it has actually been more like 200 years.

#2– “Well THAT went by fast, didn’t it?”  Blasphemy. No, it did not.

#3– “It can’t POSSIBLY be time for him to come home yet!”  OHHH, YES it can!

So, you’ve been warned.


In fact, we are in the process of scrubbing the two years worth of dust off of some very important relics that will be very happy to have him back too.


I mean, besides his mother, of course.

Oh, hurry up calendar and give me my boy!


12 Replies to “Counting the Days~”

  1. YEAH!! Rhennard Skynnard is FINALLY coming back to the US of A! I am sure that he is going to return a spiritual giant and I am super excited to see his HUGE smile 🙂 You are such a good mama!

  2. THANK you! Now that is the sentiment that I can handle. 😉 He’s been gone a dreadfully long time. And about the good mama part…I’m a bit of a whiner…but I’m working on it. It will be much easier when there’s nothing to whine ABOUT and I have my baby boy back. WaHOOO!

  3. I keep seeing things that I’d like to fix or finish or move or haul away before he gets here. Trouble is, I need his help to do a bunch of it. He told me to just wait and he’ll have it all done in an afternoon. 🙂 I sure do miss my boys….and you too. Come back and stay for longer this time. :}

  4. I don’t get much of a chance anymore to check out your blog as I’d like, but I do pop in now and then….to check out your count down clock for when your boy is FINALLY!! back with you!!
    I have only 1 comment to make….you ARE allowed to whine…he’s been gone nearly 2 years and that’s a lifetime to a mama!! From one mama to another……I’m very excited for you that you will have him back SOOOOON!!!!
    Once you have your reunion, don’t forget to post pictures of it!! 😀

  5. Oh, Kelly THANK you so much for your kind words. It feels so nice to get a smidge of permission to fuss a bit. 😉 It does feel like he’s been gone a lifetime in so many ways and I’m so ready to have him back–that smile, that laugh and those huge hugging arms.
    Oh, I’ll show pictures all right! I’ll be a picture taking maniac. :}

  6. Oh Launi! I am SO excited for you! I remember counting down the days when my son came back – such a bitter sweet time for sure. My nephew returns in 18 days, from serving in Tonga. Can hardly wait to see him again & hear all of his awesome stories (just like your son will have!!).


  7. I bet he feels the same way. I hope you get the best reunion ever when he comes back home! 😀

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