Christmas Day Heaven

Do you remember waking on Christmas morning before it was even light outside, and shaking with excitement as you saw the front room that had been transformed into a sparkling, positively magical place? Boy, I do.

It was so wonderful watching Chompy open her presents, and love them…

even the clothes! What a good sport of a baby.

Jillian could hardly believe the lovely gifts she received from her dearest friend Sarah–all the way from England!

The bald kid was thrilled with his Russian vocabulary book. Pretty sure that’s going to come in handy–real soon.

Then our April and the “second wave” arrived. Sounds like the name of a band–don’t you think?

The babies were sweet to take turns and tried very hard to wait patiently until their turn to open a present…

but they never understood why we would ask them to come open something else–when they were happily playing with what they already had. Perhaps next year, we’ll take things a bit slower and maybe take a full week or so to unwrap. Don’t know if anyone will agree with me, but wouldn’t a couple of presents every day be great fun–instead of all at once?

Ok, it’s true. We did have our share of meltdowns here and there, simply because…

we didn’t know that a toy drum would be the hit of the land…and there are three kids…and one drum.

Do the math.

But the day was, by farrrr—a mystical, magical thing, with enough squeals and giggling to add a hundred years to this grammy’s heart.

“All of the music
All of the magic
All of the family home here with me.”

I do hope your Christmas was everything that brings you joy!  Thanks for being with us!

15 Replies to “Christmas Day Heaven”

  1. Such cute pics! I am so glad to hear you and your family had such a delightful Christmas! I hope the new year brings you much joy and happiness!

  2. I love being all together for Christmas! 🙂 It’s great to watch each other open presents… especially seeing the little people get excited about something! That’s the best!

  3. The little Grama and Grampa Kirby puppets were a smash hit! Even made a few people cry! Thank you–thank you for your hard work on them! Much joy and happiness to you as well my friend.

  4. It was a good one this year. We enjoyed a late morning of presents and then playing with them all day.

  5. Sounds and looks like you had a great Christmas!
    Graysen did have 3 days of opening presents…so I do agree with spreading it out cause he got a break and loved it all! 😀

  6. Well, good then. You’ve already tested out the theory–and proven it for us. Way to go my friend! Now we can behave accordingly…next year!

  7. I am so glad to hear that the puppets were a hit! I thought it was such a sweet idea. I was so glad we came up with some puppets that you thought did Grama and Grampa Kirby justice. (I am sure they were smiling down on all of you as you included them in your holiday celebrations.)

  8. Wow, I got a mention in your blog!! I feel special.
    Glad that you all had a wonderful christmas – with Dane on his mission for the last two years and the bald kid off on his soon, it’ll be a while before you have another one like that. It’s great that you have your lovely blog to capture all those special moments.
    I love your blog, it’s always so much fun to read.You and Jillian have inspired me to write my own blog – although I’m not sure I’d know what to write!

  9. Yeah…I’m a little nervous about the empty nester phase. Seems really hard to imagine. I just want to keep it like this forever!

  10. Oh, you positively should! It would be fun for people to read some of the amazing things you do–and the people you’ve met. Plus, I love reading blogs from people in other countries because it broadens my perspective. Most of all though, just because we love you!

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