Baby Birdy Bath

My mom used to show us this picture and say, “No fancy tubs or perfumed soap–just a basin and some Ivory and it worked just fine.”

That’s my sweet little momma bathing my older brother, Andy—so you know this picture is VERY, very old because any big brother of mine would have to be ancient–which, of course, he is.


Ok, ok. He’s not that old…just kinda old…

older that me anyway.

I’m just saying…


Happy Birthday Lynnette!

5 Replies to “Baby Birdy Bath”

  1. I love old baby pictures. The black and white look makes me think that they are very special.

  2. Aren’t they just sooo fun? I just love the little basin and the embroidered tea towels in the background.
    So cool.

  3. I know…isn’t she just so sweet? Her calendar says March so that little baby is probably a month and a half old. And he’s sooo cute!

  4. I’m trying really hard to not take this personally – but did the theme of “old” have to fall on my birthday? tee hee Thanks for remembering – – – I think.
    Still love ya

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