Have you ever stood back and felt like someone had their finger on the “fast forward” button of your life?

Actually I feel that way all the time.

I very clearly remember my mom holding my hand in the grocery store.

Then not so long after that she was holding my brand new baby in her arms. More than once she said, “Watch very closely, because all this will go by so quickly.” I’m sure I smiled at her, but I didn’t “get it.”

Pretty sure I “get it” now…

…now, as I feed Natural Cheetos to my baby’s babies to entice them to stay in the car seat…

…now, as I play peek a boo with my second baby’s baby so that her momma can get a quick shower…

…now, as I watch my third baby bubble over with joy as she and her friends flit from one unbelievableĀ  adventure to another. This is her winter concert with the Sterling Singers. Amazing.

…now, as I write letters to my fourth baby—my far, far away son and try to pretend–in front of everyone else–that thinking of him doesn’t make me cry…still.

…now, as I watch my very last baby—backing confidently out of the driveway, on his way to work as if he’s some kind of grown-up or something.

It seems to me that if there absolutely is a

then certainly, certainly

it stands to reason that

there must also be a…

oh, please…

could we find…



10 Replies to “Rewind”

  1. Cause I really planned on bawling my eyes out first thing this morning…

    I would LOVE to find a pause button sometimes. I look around and see things whirring by sooo fast… I’m surprised we don’t all talk like chipmunks!

    I miss Grandma… it seems like she’s been gone sooo long sometimes, but the ache is still fresh. But how amazing is it that we’re a family of grownups now, and we have awesome husband and unbelievable babies in our world now. I hope she’s smiling… and just can’t stop!

  2. I am so with you on that one! Although I kind of want to fast forward through school and hit pause right before John is deployed!

  3. Launi,
    I am so with you on this one! Most of my children have children of their own, my youngest child got baptised a year ago. Time really flies when you are raising them. I haven’t yet found that pause button, but when you do, let me know! Just remember, I have found that it doesn’t matter how old they are, they are still, always, your blessings!

  4. Pretty sure there isn’t one, and maybe it’s best there’s not. But there are days when if we could just hold onto the moment a little longer. . . oh it would so help the rough spots.

  5. Seriously! I can’t exactly cry where I’m at, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not close to the surface.

  6. I may not be that old, but I ache over how fast my babies are growing up. It is my sincere hope that if in the next life we will remember our guilt perfectly, we’ll also be able to recall all the good stuff perfectly, too. That is my consolation when I get sad over my deeply un-visual memory.

  7. Well, for me, it doesn’t matter how old they are they are still my BABIES. I’m afraid that as long as I can remember them when they were tiny I’ll feel that way.


  8. Oh, I just love to look at the old photos because for so many of them, I remember the moment the picture was snapped and I just close my eyes and try to go back there for just a minute. It’s pretty close to being there.

  9. Oh, I promise your visual memory will be perfect. My mom used to say that she believed that in Heaven, we can go in a room and relive the tenderest moments like holding our sleeping babies or anything else we need or want to experience again. Sounds so perfect to me–like the holograph chamber in Star Trek. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

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