Big Hands…Soft Heart

Look at this sweet baby…

sitting soooo still…getting her hair combed.

Oh, but she wouldn’t let mommy do it.

She wouldn’t let Grammy do it.

It positively, absolutely HAD to be…Uncle Dane.

And those big, old, football throwing hands worked hard—I’ll tell you–to get every hair to stay where they belonged.

And those same big, old hands had a heck of a time making the teeny tiny rubber bands behave properly.

He wasn’t very happy with the end result. Said Chompy looked “more like George Washington than our baby girl,” and that I “shouldn’t post pictures of such a silly thing.”

But you know I will, because, I say, whenever you find evidence of love like this–you should capture it—

and hold it close to your heart…as proof…

that no matter what happens in this life–deep down…

everything really will be all right.


12 Replies to “Big Hands…Soft Heart”

  1. I love it! My brothers wouldn’t even dare do something like that. He did a pretty good job!

  2. How awesome! I love a guy who is not afraid to show his compassion and love. You have a great son. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. That is absolutely so true. I’m glad you captured that. It’s interesting too that something so little like brushing someone’s hair really can communicate so much. It does though. I remember staying at some friends’ house once after a long, long drive. The husband sat down exhausted since he had been driving too, then after their kids were in bed he began to brush his wife’s hair. I had never seen a guy do that, let alone want to do that before. It was a tender moment to watch.

  4. I think compassion is one of the most masculine of traits. It’s certainly one of the most attractive. Funny that more men don’t realize that.

  5. Movies always used to make a big deal of a woman sitting before a mirror at bedtime brushing her hair. It was just so romantic somehow. But can you imagine how good it would feel to have someone brush your hair for you? Sounds like heaven to me. :}

  6. I think the Washington Ponytail is making a come back! 😉 He did a great job!

  7. What a good uncle. I think Jonathan’s attemp to do hair would end up about the same, but he sure does love his little nieces.

  8. This is so sweet! My 4 year old also only ever wants daddy to do her hair, which if you know me and how I love to do hair you’ll understand that it makes me a bit sad as I was looking forward to doing my little girls hair – at least my little boy lets me do his 😉

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