Mini Quilt Shop Hop

I say mini because…

with all the gardening and crafting and cooking and cleaning and earth life-ing that’s been going on around here–no matter how badly we wanted to do the full blown, road trip, Quilt Shop Hop…there just weren’t enough hours in the day.

We did, however make it to one particularly lovely place called “Pine Needles” in Gardner Village…

filled with all kinds of beautiful things…

and not just quilts either.

Being new to the quilting world, I admit that I get distracted very easily by yarn, felt work and stitchery…

because it feels like something I already know how to do without help.

My mom used to call that the path-of-least-resistance. I never really got it.

Then just as we were leaving, we spotted this incredible store with every kind of candy–new and retro known to humankind. We had no choice but to go inside and check it out.

It positively did live up to our expectations and I waltzed out of there with a bag of every flavor malt balls…

and a nut roll made by the gods. Y. U. M.

Some days it’s just easier to give in than to fight it.

“Choosing the path of least resistance makes both men and rivers…crooked.”

Wow. I think I get it now.


3 Replies to “Mini Quilt Shop Hop”

  1. I wanted to go to at least some of the shops soooooooo bad, but alas I was being a good mom and tending to what the girls had on their agendas. That’s okay, this is where I am now and I’m grateful for it – besides the last thing I need it to find a store where you gain weight just by breathing in 🙂

  2. I get easily distracted by random things too! 😉 Now I know where I get it from… Ha ha ha! I’m glad you went to SOME of the Shop Hop because I know you had a lot of fun last time. 🙂

  3. I love that quilt shop. It has gorgeous fabric and fantastic patterns! The last time I went to that candy shop I got a drink and a licorice rope. I love those!

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