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who doesn’t love a barbeque? All that yummy, smokey, flame broiled goodness. And now the dessert can be hot off the grill too! Check out the adorable mini sized candy cookout. I saw them in an old issue of FamilyFun magazine and HAD to try them myself.  Maybe you can figure out what they’re made of and don’t need my help at all..

but just in case…

Take cupcakes lightly frosted with chocolate icing to start off with.

For the candy fixins’ I used:

Fruit slice gumdrops

Licorice Pastels/Hot Tamales

Cow Tails/caramel

Black Frosting

Tooth Picks

Black Food Color Marker

Orange or gold sugar crystals.

There was no way I wanted to figure out how on earth to make black frosting–so I went to the bakery at the grocery store and bought about 1/2 cup for 40 whole cents.  I let Lyndi-the-frosting-girl put the “grill” stripes on with an icing bag and tip–because she’s good at it. A ziplock bag with a teeny corner cut out would work fine too.

Sprinkle sugar crystal “embers” between the grill lines.

Draw sear marks on the red licorice “hot dogs” and stick them on the grill.

Slice the gumdrops into steaks and chicken strips.

Add sear marks and slap those babies on as well.

Cut the Cowtails, green, yellow and red gumdrops into slices and slide them onto a toothpick for the shishkabobs. Now look what you done! You’ve conjured yourself a Cookout to be reckoned with.  Just think, all that goodness and no charcoal, no lighter fluid and no smoke in your eyes. Big plus.

Dad will owe you one…



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