Daddy’s Dollar Shirt

Growing up in L.A. I spent a ton of time watching kids make incredible things out a simple piece of paper…watching and envying that is.  There was this one girl–Donna–who could fold a dollar bill into a man’s dress shirt. She’d do it too…if you gave her a quarter…and brought your own dollar, of course.

So now, my friends–we’re going to totally bypass old Donna, and figure out how to make these cute things by ourselves–for nothing. But you still have to bring your own dollar.

Just in time for Father’s Day.

1~ Fold dollar in half.

2~ Unfold and then fold side edges to the center crease. Crease as precisely as you can, and use a newer bill, if possible. It will hold the shape better than a worn one.

3~ Fold out the corners of the bottom.

4~ Now fold up the bottom so that the crease is just where the flaps end.

5~ Reach into the fold and grab the tip of the corner piece and pull it gently out–but don’t press it. See the crease lines where you folded up the tips in step 3 ?

6~ Tuck the corners down in along the crease line.

7~ Press down flat.

8~ Now do the same thing…

to the other side. These are going to be your “sleeves” in a few minutes.

9~ Flip your bill over…

10~ and fold down about 1/4 inch at the other end.

11~ Turn over again.

12~ Carefully fold in each side at an angle so that the little “collars” touch the center line.

13~ Fold the bottom half up to the “collar.” You’ll see that the shirt front is a bit too long to look normal so….

14~ make an accordion fold in the middle of the bill.

15~ Tuck the sleeve piece under the collar…like this.

Now make a zillion more with your millions and stand them up where ever you want to make a lasting impression on Dad.

Of course, you could always use $50’s…

that would do it too.

Heh, heh….


4 Replies to “Daddy’s Dollar Shirt”

  1. Now that’s a trick I wish I had learned how to do a long time ago 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Oh WOW!!! I LOVE this!!! 😀 Thanks so much for sharing! I used to do Origami all the time as a kid, so I’m surprised I’ve never seen this one. Awesome… so going to have to use this for something fun! 🙂

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