Lawn Mower…Cupcakes

Won’t these sweet little lawn mower cupcakes be a hit for this Father’s Day?  It’s quite likely that you can tell by just looking at the picture how easily they go together…but I’ll tell you anyway.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Hershey’s Nugget Chocolates

Black Licorice Laces

Green food coloring



Make whatever flavor cupcakes your favorite dad loves and set them aside to cool. While you’re waiting…

Pour coconut in a bowl that has a snap-on lid. Drip about 10 drops of green food coloring around the edges of the bowl and replace lid. Shake the coconut around in the bowl until it has all turned green.

Lightly frost your cupcakes–I used chocolate, but you can do what you’d like. Next dip the cupcake tops into the coconut.

Unwrap chocolate and stick it to the “grass” with icing. Use four brown M&M’s for the wheels, a red M&M for the motor and a strip of licorice looped in half and poked into the cupcake for the handle–and you’re ready to go…or should I say ready to…mow? Hahaha!

Serve them to your man…and THAT’s how simple that is.

If you love these–stick around because I have MORE Father’s Day cuties from FamilyFun magazine coming up tomorrow. Wahooo!


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  1. I my gosh those are adorable. I think we might just need to make some of those for my man around here.

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