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Back in the olden days if a lady wanted a new hat–she simply went down to the milliner’s–that’s someone who makes hats—and had one made–especially for her.

These days if you need a hat, you go to Target or some other playful place and see what you can find. It’s not quite the same as having something made especially for you but where would you go to find a milliner in this century anyway?

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Well, from the looks of my sewing bag and my room—I’m about ready to hang a sign on the door with that very title on it. Or to be more easily understood by the general population, it would read: “Hatmaker.”

ABC 066#1

For some odd reason, since I found this “Flapper Hat” pattern last week, I can’t seem to stop making them.

ABC 027

Recently while cleaning out the closet, I found my beloved “Peaches and Cream” 100% Cotton thread stash. Something snapped…and the madness began.

All the stuff 003


It’s the perfect size project to haul around and work on any time…any where–doctor’s offices, track meets, while watching a movie or to pass the time while waiting to pick someone up from somewhere.

All the stuff 004


No matter how many other things were scrawled on the “to do” list–it was just so much more fun to make another hat.

Now, every time poor Lily walks past me, I’m yanking a hat down over her head–to make sure the size is working. It is. She’s a darn good sport–so far.

However, to be brutally honest, even Beckham wasn’t safe from the “let’s just see if this will fit…” fest. He was not a fan.

ABC 062


So–help me out here. Besides decking out my grandbabies–I need a new purpose for the irrational cap-making behavior.

Tell me which of the four–not yet claimed by a local baby—that you like the best.

That should do it.

Now I’m off to make more…more…more…

19 Replies to “Milliner?”

  1. The white one (#2) is my favorite because it will match anything! My second favorite is the electric sherbet one (#1). All very cute!

    PS- I’m expecting again! I will birth (hypnobirth, of course) my little boy sometime in August! If I weren’t 1500 miles away I would totally pop by for a refresher course!

  2. I like #2 best cause it would go with everything but my second favorite is #4 it would go with most things too! I love this by the way, I was thinking as I read your post how much I would like one of these for my little princess πŸ™‚

  3. My favorite is #2 because I love white! but my 2nd fav (are we allowed to do that?) is #4. Maybe you should sell them, and not just give them away πŸ™‚ They’re so cute, and I’m sure my little sister would like one, she’s 22. Have you made any big people ones yet?

  4. I think I’ll put some in the Etsy shop–along with the bags. Making them for big people is a goooood idea! Thanks!

  5. I’m sooo happy about this latest love of yours!!! You will really have to put them on Etsy… and then I’ll get a million!!!

    I LOVE the White One (#2) and the Fall One (#3) but seriously Baby Chomp would wear any of them!!! Sooo cute!!!

  6. Launi I love your hats I love love love #1!!! I always love the stuff you are creating! I think you need to start a class to teach people how to make you beautiful things!!!!

  7. Hello Launi! I have just popped in from SouleMama to say how much I loved your comment on ‘from where we often are’. I am busy nursing a six month old at the moment and am well aware of how time is passing. Your comment struck a real chord with me. Thank you for reminding me that the future will bring new happiness to compensate for what has gone.

  8. I like the one on the bottom, but seriously… do I need to pick one? They are ALL so DANG cute!! It would have to depend on the outfit. You know me…always trying to match. :):):):)

  9. Wow! When I read the title to your post it was like dejavu. I was just thinking the exact same thing. Just kidding! Hat #2 is my fav. And you should definitely sell them in your etsy shop & you should make some for older girls as well. I think my 18 yr old niece would wear one.

  10. Oh it is so hard to choose between number 3 and number 4 for cuteness. I like them both. I think that number 2 would be easier to match with… but I love nothing more than playing dress up with little girls. I would totally wear number 2 if it was in my size (you heard what I said about the one I saw last week)!! You are amazing.

  11. I think I like number 2 the best… but it was hard to pick a favorite. They are all great! πŸ™‚

  12. I agree with the majority. I love #2. It’s adorable (though they all are) and can fit a wide range of outfits.

  13. I love the white one too. I think it would look precious on new little Piper!

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