Dueling Skies

I swear to you that winter and spring are duking it out right here in our very own yard. No lie–we woke up to this lovely blanket of snow, but by lunch time…

It was as though it had never happened. So I put on some nice, springy capris…you know, to take advantage of the lovely sunny day.

Big mistake. While we were out, an odd thing happened.

Bare legs don’t take too well to all this white stuff.

Then, a nice comfy breeze blew all that coldness away and I could actually see the brave strawberries…amongst all those…ahem…weeds. Off with the sweatshirt and on–again–with the capris…

Or not.

Perhaps it will just be best to just stay curled up indoors with a good book until Mother Nature makes up her mind…

or chooses a winner.

I hope she’ll let us know.



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8 Replies to “Dueling Skies”

  1. I suppose a good time to not be able to go out – good books definitely make the curling up more fun. Dark clouds so much like real life for me right now, but I do know the sun will come – it always does,

  2. Perhaps they should get a new Groundhog… or a second one for the month of April.

  3. Well it was just nuts. We kept opening the window and shutting the window, and opening the door and the wind slamming them shut again. Crazy…but kinda fun.

  4. Yes, yes. Hunker down, my friend and let those feet rest. I suspect that it’s a lovely thing for your sweet daughters to be able to serve their sweet mama for a change. And I dare say, it’s the only way to make you take it easy for a while–something that doesn’t happen often.
    I adore you, you know.

  5. What does a groundhog know about winter anyway? Dude’s always underground missing all the action. I think the new mascot should be a polar bear–he’d certainly know what’s going on.

  6. I agree with Jillian, a new groundhog is called for!! Someone I was talking with today said they need to fire him! ๐Ÿ™‚ You all just keep that white stuff away from Ohio!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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