Woodland Creatures

A 159

Because it looks like this—yes that is snow—in the mountains by our house we know that our time to relish the Autumn-y look and feel of our beloved canyon is limited. Soon, it may all be under snow–perhaps even before the leaves all have a chance to turn.

A 150

So, we bundled up warm and headed out again to the woods.

A 192

Now I realize that most forest trails aren’t paved…but this is a more civilized forest, I guess you’d say.

A 182

One with everything the modern woodland hiker needs. A beautiful rock to sit on…

A 158

peaks that take your breath away…

A 044

rolling hills that go on forever…

A 189

several freezing waterfalls…

A 176

and tons of silly little streams.

A 160

Here’s hoping that winter will wait…

A 183

until we get our fill of Fall.

4 Replies to “Woodland Creatures”

  1. Baby Chomp looks so cozy! Beautiful pictures! Could you send me the info. on the stuff we talked about yesterday?

  2. Autumn has a personality disorder this year! 😛 Ha ha ha!!! I’m glad that we got some pretty pictures before Winter got sick of the weirdness and took over! 😉

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