Classy Halloween Treats


Ever dream of being so pulled together during the holiday season that you not only pass out Halloween treats to the neighborhood kids–but to the neighbors themselves? And to top that off, what if the the snack bags looked…well…stunning?  Sound impossible? Well, not now…

Here’s how to do it.

You’ll need:

Clear cello bags

3/4 inch black or orange ribbon

Printable address labels

Halloween treats (We made our famous popcorn ball recipe without shaping them into balls)

Fill the cello bags with whatever Halloween goodies you’d like. Seal them with tape or a twist tie. Wrap the ribbon around the middle of the bag and secure with a square knot.

Click on this Classy Halloween Labels link to print off some fabulous spooky labels of your own. Be sure to type your own name below the “Happy Halloween.” Load your printer with Standard 1″x 2-1/2″ address labels and push print. Stick them on and pass out your pretty stuff. Or you can run them off on heavy paper and use them as tags–either way—

be prepared for lots of clapping…

April halloween

and rightly so.

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  1. And of course if you don’t have labels, you can just print on cardstock and cut them out, too!

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