What Type of Learner Are YOU?


Years ago, when I was studying to become a Hypnotherapist, we focused a ton on learning styles. You know, to see if you are more visual, auditory or touchy-feely. I found it very, very interesting. There’s just something fascinating about way the brain works–and how different it is for all of us. So, if you’d like, scroll down and take this fun little quiz to see what style fits you best. You might just be surprised!

Learning  Infographic

So, what did you find out? Hmmmm?  :}


4 Replies to “What Type of Learner Are YOU?”

  1. Well that was cool – I’ve always told people I learned better when I had something to see (examples or step by step pictures) or read. I do like it when someone shows me how rather than tells me and this little test led me right to visual.

  2. Kinesthetic! I used to be a different type of learner when I was younger but not anymore. My brain has changed it’s way of learning once I started having kids.

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