Things To LOVE on a Friday


A feathery friend who’s come to visit…for a while.


A quilty work of art hanging on my daughter’s wall…that she designed herself.


A new essential oil diffuser given to me by one of my favorite guys—thanks Rhen!


A piano-playing boogie baby.

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The bald head that we waited so long for.


Thin crust, pepperoni pizza on a week night…just because.


My sweet, Cheeto loving kitty.

What are you loving on this wonderful Friday?


6 Replies to “Things To LOVE on a Friday”

  1. I’m thinking the cheeto loving cat may decide visiting feathery friend is be a better option :/
    I’m loving that this is the first day in over 5 weeks that there is absolutely NOTHING on my calendar!! Completely blank – unfortunately I do have a list several pages long of things that could should and need to be done. But I may just make my way to my sewing machine for an hour or so of therapy 🙂

  2. Oh, my gosh–you should totally do it! That’s how I reward myself–when I accomplish a couple of things on the “to do” list, I sit down and crochet for a little while. I’m soothed enough by it to be ready to keep going afterwards. :}
    It was good to be with you the other night. In fact, when I heard that your day was clear I nearly shouted, “Come spend the day with me!” 😉

  3. It’s been fun having that little feathered friend around, but it’s nice to just be babysitting too. 🙂 I love the warm weather and having family around on the weekend. I’m excited about upcoming fun things like Summerfest, farmer’s markets and fresh fruit! 😀

  4. I made your seed papers yesterday and it was easier than I imagined. I made white, red, and green. I added the flower seed, some dried lavender, dried patchouli, and flowers. I’m hoping to make some for a wedding shower. When they dried they dried dirty. They look pretty bad. I live in Colorado and it is really dry here. What could have caused this? I’m going to try another batch without the lavender and patchouli. I also thought about drying them in a 250 degree oven.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks – Debbie

  5. I’ve heard that some seeds actually have a natural dye to them–so it could be that. I couldn’t really tell you which ones might be the culprits so you’d have to add them one at a time and see if they colored the mixture. If I had to guess I’d say the patchouli, but I really don’t know. Some people use seeds to dye fabric, so it makes sense that they could dye the paper too. 😕

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