What Type of Learner Are YOU?


Years ago, when I was studying to become a Hypnotherapist, we focused a ton on learning styles. You know, to see if you are more visual, auditory or touchy-feely. I found it very, very interesting. There’s just something fascinating about way the brain works–and how different it is for all of us. So, if you’d like, scroll down and take this fun little quiz to see what style fits you best. You might just be surprised!

Learning  Infographic

So, what did you find out? Hmmmm?  :}


What To Do

Have you ever felt like there was just too much stuff to accomplish in one lifetime and that you’ve no idea how to do it all? Now, wait–I don’t mean that like, “Wah-wah…so much to do! Wah…”

No, I’m talking about all of the incredible things that I want to learn and make, or make up…even. I actually get all giddy and weird when I look at patterns and pictures and instructions for things like that.

I’ve even made lists of everything and it turns out to be pages and pages long and I can’t seem to stop myself, or take any of it away.

I want to sew baby clothes and make peppermint soap and raise buff orphington chickens and write hat patterns and make cheddar cheese and milk a real goat and crochet bolsters and booties and purses and blankets and learn to quilt and make yogurt that tastes good and read every book on my shelves and make every single Christmas present because I want to not because I have to and grow potatoes and make compost and bake whole wheat bread every week and bottle salsa and…


Maybe you get the point. Sometimes there’s just so much that I’d like to accomplish that I’m not sure, exactly what to pray for–

a really, really REALLY long life…

or a second pair of hands.

I’m thinking both.

PS~AND I’d like to pour my own lip balm and sprout wheat grass and grow seedless sweet green grapes and crochet a canopy for my bed and make real tamales and dry fruit leather and dye Easter eggs with spices and berries and learn homeopathic remedies…



All The Single Ladies

Fear not. I won’t be singing to you anytime soon–or dancing, for that matter. Either option would be an unpleasant experience for both of us.

Last Friday, I was invited by LDS Philanthropies to a Blogger Luncheon to learn more about a new scholarship program for single parents.

(I’m the little hobbit in the back.)

We heard all kinds of facts and statistics about the difficulties of raising a family as a single parent. Even though I’ve been a single parent for 12 years, I was still stunned by the numbers. For instance~

Did you know that:

• 28 percent of children now live with just one parent.

• 40% of children under 18 experience a parental breakup.

• 90% of single parent families are headed by females.

• 60% of children living in mother-only families are impoverished.

• Single moms median income is only about 25% what a married couple make.

The truly moving part of the meeting was when Megan Fletcher–the sweet little gal in the middle–got up and told her story. Receiving the *Stella Harris Oaks Scholarship to LDS Business College changed her life and gave her and her daughter hope for an amazing future. And she’s positively adorable besides.

Beat that.

The kind fellows in charge of the meeting explained that they were several Scholarships short of meeting their fundraising goals for the coming year. In the month of November and through the magical powers of the blogging world, they hoped to raise $7,200 total–the cost of one full scholarship–for some deserving young parent. Hmmmm…

Helping others and offering a bit of hope is quite an inspiring thing…

but then so is a focused group of mom bloggers.

We came to the conclusion that helping one parent just wasn’t enough and that with all the incredible bloggers out there in the world–with all their amazing readers, we should be able to do much, much more.

I told them that Gracious Rain was “in.”

So, here’s the simple bottom line. If you’d like to hear Megan’s story yourself–click on the widget on the left. Then see if it doesn’t inspire you to do something…wonderful. If it does, please give, whatever you can. Any amount–no matter how small will help.

And if you’re inclined to share this message, they’ve even made that easy too–just click “Share.”

With your help, we can see to it that–

a little hope goes a long way.

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*Stella Harris Oaks–a single mother who raised three children alone, after the death of her husband. One son became a world renowned eye surgeon and another became a University President, State Supreme Court Justice and inspiring religious leader.

Good Stuff…

So for the past two days I’ve been far away from home–in Salt Lake City–ok, not terribly far away, I’m just saying…

Picture 55

Anyway, April and I are at the Art Weekend taking “Nicole’s Classes” on computers, blogging and becoming magnamonious in every possible way. Yes, I made up that word. You will not believe how brilliant we are becoming!


I took a class yesterday on starting an Etsy shop. The good news is that while only about a third of the class already had an Etsy shop, I was one of them. See, the reason this is such good news is because I was BY FAR the oldest person in the classroom–and that includes the janitor that popped in the back of the room to grab trash a couple of times. So I must say that it felt good to raise my hand when the instructor asked if any of us already kinda knew what we were doing. Not to imply that I do know what I’m doing–but it felt good to be on that side of the roster.

Ha! Take THAT all you pretty little youngsters!

I did learn a great deal about how to make my silly little shop into a cute little shop, that people will be captivated by–which of course, is the reason for the class. So prepare to be dazzled in the very near future!

Oh, one funny moment that I must tell you about…


The gal sitting next to me raised her hand and asked, “What are the demographics of the people who actually purchase handmade items from Etsy? I mean…” and here’s the good part, “…I can’t really picture old people, like, you know, fifty-year-old ladies clicking around buying stuff.”

About the time she said, “old people” I sat up straight and turned my head towards her. But when the word, “fifty” came out of her mouth, I grinned at her and mumbled, “Waaaatch it…” She paused and slowly looked at me as everyone started laughing. Hoping she felt a bit–silly.

I suppose I shouldn’t have teased her. After all…I’m not 50 anyway…

I’m 51.

Ha! again my lovelies.

Oh, and the other good stuff—since I seem to have swallowed a big dose of truth serum–is that April and I have been doing wonderfully on our “lifestyle modifications.” She has lost 15 pounds and I have lost 28.6. She–will be perfect and gorgeous any second now–goal wise, while I still have a ways to go. But I’m wearing clothes that haven’t seen daylight since Laura Ingalls loaned them to me and close friends are noticing, “something.”

I’m liking THAT a lot.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and it’s “Hug a Bear Day” so…


get on that.