Washington’s Birthday

That’s PRESIDENT Washington to you…

george-washington_prayer“The Prayer at Valley Forge”  by Arnold Friberg

…and me.

“In the pantheon of our republic’s founders, there were many outstanding individuals. And yet each of them—Franklin, Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison—acknowledged Washington to be his superior, the only indispensable figure, the one and only “His Excellency.”

So, you know about the small problem I have with our planet messing up the holidays that we had when I was a kid–right? And it’s likely that you thought I was finished since my last rant. Sadly…no.

Tomorrow is the official day that the world should celebrate President George Washington’s birthday…mainly because, the 22nd of February is his birthday. Duh. But since it doesn’t always obediently fall on a Friday or Monday so that we can have a 3-day weekend, SOMEBODY thought they’d just move it.

Who’s in charge of that anyway? I mean who has the power to just change somebody’s birthday to a more convenient time? Is it the all powerful Birthday King or something? I’d just like to know. *Who decides this stuff? It is just so weird.

Well, I’ve devised a simple way to make myself feel better. I’m just having a little celebration all by myself. I’ll read some quotes and stories about President Washington and probably, my family will be forced to participate as well. But I have a feeling that they’ll be respectful, and humor me and they’ll be fine.

Besides, this event involves lots of crumbles, and cherries…

…and pie.


That ought to do it.

Happy Birthday President Washington


*In 1971 President Richard Nixon combined Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays into a single federal holiday.  Good grief.

2 Replies to “Washington’s Birthday”

  1. Hey you never know… maybe there is a birthday king that lives next door to the Banana King. I think his home is called “Candy Mountain.” 😉

  2. Candy mountain… candy mountain!!!

    The top of that pie was great! I just wanted to pick it off and eat just that… but I decided against it. Probably no one would like a pie that looked like the birds got to it. :S

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