Valentine Taffy Necklace

Do you love our little Taffy Valentine?

Alas, Chompy was more interested in staring at it than wearing it.

That is, until she figured out what it was.

Do you feel it coming?

Yeeah…we’ll be re-doing a couple of these ones.

You really shouldn’t give away nibbled on Valentines.

Ok, that’s it. This one’s all her’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day EARLY  little Chompy.

Simple to make and pretty darn quick too. Start with Valentine taffy or other red and pink twisted end candy.

Cut some curly ribbon or cotton thread pieces about 6 or 7 inches long.

Lay out the candy on a flat surface.

Scoot two candies close together  and tie them together at the twists.

You can tie knots or bows….I like bows because they are entirely more girly and Valentine-ish.

You know it’s true.

Keep going until you have enough to go around your neck…or someone you love’s neck…or like a lot’s neck–then connect them together. I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to tell you that last part.

Just wanted to be sure…you know…that you got it.

You’re done baby!

7 Replies to “Valentine Taffy Necklace”

  1. Oh freak… don’t let her eat that!!! Ha ha ha! Good thing there was a wrapper on it, to at least slow her down! 😛 And you’re asking me if you can give her one of the Gerber snacks… sheesh.

    This is super cute! I think you’re are right that the bows are more Valentine’s-ish. Very nice!

  2. You just gave me a great Idea to do at my son Caleb’s valentine’s party.

    Thank You.


  3. The candy sure did look cute with her little tooth “punch marks.” Don’t worry, she barely broke through the paper and we took it away.

  4. This will definitely be a hit with the kids! I love it! Oh, Launi if you won’t mind, I’d love to guide foodista readers to your site.Just add your choice of Foodista widgetat the end of this blog post (instructions are on the link)and it’s ready to go.Thanks!

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