Crocheted Valentine Garland

I found the pattern for this adorable Crocheted Valentine Garland a few years back, over at Skip To My Lou and just knew that I had to make them. Turns out that by the time the Superbowl was over—and all the new cars were given away to the millionaire quarterbacks–I had a cute little stack of pink and purple hearts–smaller than the palm of my hand– just waiting to be strung together.

It was fun. It was fast. It was totally Valentine-y.

I hope you’ll give these little cuties a try some evening, with your pink, purple, red and white yarn scraps. I used Peaches and Cream cotton–because I love it, and a G hook. But you could make them small and delicate with crochet thread, or thick and bulky with T-shirt yarn.

And now—to find the perfect spot to hang my pretty, pink little sweet hearts.

Hmmmm…maybe the boys’ room. That would be a nice surprise. HA!



Thanks so much for all the love and support we’ve received with Dane’s Charity Water Birthday. The campaign officially runs until March 31, 2011. So far, we’ve reached over $800–which will provide clean drinking water for 44 people–for LIFE! Who says regular folks can’t change the world? :}

8 Replies to “Crocheted Valentine Garland”

  1. That’s fun!!! 🙂 You should hang it on the banister so we all get to see it, instead of letting the boys hog it! 😉

    Oh, and Dane’s campaign is up to 46 people helped! 😀

  2. Holy cow!! Those are micro hearts! I’m not quite so good at the teeny tiny stuff. I’d never be able to SEE it. Thanks for thinking of me though. Good thing I have my glasses so I can at least make these ones. haha.

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