Till the Stroke of Midnight

We ate cheesy potato soup and crusty bread and raspberry waffles and hot peppermint milk. The little kids played at our feet while the big kids battled away at Mario Kart. Even the stalwart youngest souls made it to midnight. They shot off confetti poppers and Nate even had a fancy-schmancy firework that blasted up way too high and loud for the middle of the night. It was positively indecent–and wonderful. Magoo and I watched from the front room window like the gentle souls we are. Then off we went–home again, home again…jiggity jog.

Good-bye 2012.

Hello lovely New Year.

We’ve been waiting for you.



4 Replies to “Till the Stroke of Midnight”

  1. I’m VERY excited about 2013 too! I’m looking forward to all sorts of changes and adventures!

    New Year’s Eve was fun… and I love the pictures! It’s always fun to spend time with family!

  2. You guys are always having so much fun!!! Happy New Year!!! We love you guys. Love hearing all the fun things you guys are doing over in your neck of the woods. We played board games all night, because my kids had played games most of the morning.

  3. It was so much fun. But we love getting together with you guys too. We’ll have to plan something when it’s a bit warmer. :}

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