Things I Really Love…

this very minute.

~Being close enough to touch one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole wide world…and actually touching it.

Seeing my cute little nephew finally-finally get to marry his sweetheart.

Finding a 12 pack of my very favorite candy bar–that comes clear from England–on Amazon for only $10…with free shipping. Yes, please. Click.

Hearing that Miss Jiff–“the mouse slayer” has earned her keep–this week. Though her brother, the Bean, has been inducted into the kitty-cat hall of shame…shame…shaaame.

Awww–our favorite fellow in the whole world~Jillian’s Uncle Andy…truly one of the very rarest of “good guys” left around.

Wrapping gifts for our “Prize Bags” the way a certain character probably would. More about that in a couple of weeks. Heh, heh, heh.

My cute little dashboard guardian polar bear that sort of glows-in-the-dark, as I drive home late at night–so I’m not afraid.

Just waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Tick-tick-tick.

:} What about you? What do you love this very minute?

4 Replies to “Things I Really Love…”

  1. Yay! I can’t wait for that mushy little baby to come! I am loving new packages of fabric that arrived a few days ago, a sleeping baby, and Girl Scout Cookies!

  2. *I love seeing things from a 3 year old’s perspective.
    *I love surprisingly sunny days that are warn enough to leave your coat home and not regret it.
    *I love having family, immediate & extended, that are friends too
    *I love food! 😉

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