These Cuties

Last week, I took on a new and very different job for 5 days.

I got to look after this handsome Beckham fellow…

and his pretty sister Lily while their folks were gone…to Cancun. Yeah, I know. Cool, right?

I was a little nervous at first because, well, it’s been awhile since I’ve been the person in charge. When you’re in the Grammy Phase the only person you’re the boss of is yourself. So this was very, very different.

So was this…

and this and the natural peanut butter that you have to stir. Very interesting…and tasty but different.

April–the mom–is really getting into the healthier life-style–as we all are. She’s just a little further along on the path than some of us. We’re working on it.

Here’s something else that was different. No, not the kids. Look at the wooly sheep by Lily’s elbow, and the other one behind Beckham’s head. Those, my friends are dogs. Bali and Petra to be exact. Have you ever heard me talk about dogs? No, you haven’t because I have cats at my place. No canines. So taking care of two doggies was pretty dang new to me.

In fact, as part of our weekly adventures, we got to take them to the groomers–which was a-day-at-the-circus all by itself. Especially when I couldn’t find the leashes…anywhere. Just let your imagination soar here, and you’ll get the picture.

But this little guy and his sister and mommy came to visit us too–which was wonderful.

After playing in the sprinklers and in the kiddie pool, the little people did plenty of this.

And once they were in bed–I did plenty of this and  this. Yeah, I’m in love with these guys…  which is of course…

nothing different at all.

Heh, heh.

4 Replies to “These Cuties”

  1. Have you ever seen “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”? The Mayor in that movie is voiced by Sam Ax. Just thought you would like to know. 😉

  2. I have seen it, a lonnng time ago. I’ll have to listen again because I LOVE Sam. :} Although, it I remember right, the first half of that movie was ok, but the second half was more like an acid trip. Not that I’d know about acid trips, of course. I’m just saying…

  3. Yeah, well that’s because I bribed them. HA!
    We did have so much fun. We just hung out and played for a week. It was perfect. I sure love those little guys.


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