The Granny Ripple Afghan

I’ve been working on a new afghan for my Dane and sweet Kortney. They’ve been married for a million years and are ready to have their third baby any day now so, it’s about time I made them their very own, personalized blanket. They likely won’t need it much–for warmth anyway–because these two very naughty kids moved away to Texas. WHAAAAT?!! Sheesh.

ANYway, Kortney loves purple and black and I’ve loved this pattern for many moons. It’s really, really fun to work.

It’s called The 6-Day Baby Blanket although I increased everything to make it more of a Million Day Grown-Up Blanket because…you know, they’re grownups.

Long, long ago–I began making a different afghan for them . It was called the Stained Glass Afghan. Yes, yes, it was very long ago. The sad news is that I never finished that one, because while it was beautiful on one side–it was positively hideous on the other side. Now I don’t know how you feel about that–but me? Nope.  I’m not having it. So that project was abandoned.

This one has been much more fun because it’s one of those work on it while you’re watching TV or listening to a podcast type project. And get this…

I’m nearly finished with it!! I’m telling the truth!!

You’ll see.

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