The Last Leaves…

About this time of year…every year, it is our most ancient of traditions to march on up to the canyon for one last evening picnic to enjoy the changing leaves before they fall. They were a bit late this year–but it doesn’t matter.

We’ve been doing this since my kids were little so it only seems right that we do it now…

that their kids are little.

The good old leaves are always here–

just waiting for us…

to rub a few sticks together…

and get down to what really matters!

After all–we must keep our priorities straight!

heh, heh.

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PS—Guess who’s got…

a boyfriend!!!

Way to go Laurie!

10 Replies to “The Last Leaves…”

  1. Dang it! Now I want KFC and S’mores! I love going to the mountains. We go at least once a year to the same spot. It is so gorgeous!

  2. Vivian Park. The spot by the swing set. If someone else has it, we just sit and wait. It is after all —OUR spot.

  3. Now that’s a family picture! So glad to know you do s’mores the right way. Hope to get my chicklets to the mountains before the leaves are gone. There’s nothing better than fall!

  4. And doesn’t that marshmallow have just the perfect toast to it?
    ~thanks, April~
    Oh, yeah…we know how to do it after all these years!


  5. yUUUm. S’mores are the best way to eat marshmallows! And I loved my TACO AMIGO!!! 😉 Ha ha ha! I love going to the canyon with you and I’m glad we got a chance to be together AND get a picture of all of us! 🙂

  6. What a gorgeous view of those leaves! And I love that you used fudge cookies instead of graham crackers for the smores. That I will have to try!

  7. Every year we go up the canyon for my Mom’s birthday… we don’t send out invites, people just kinda show up. Sorry to make you feel left out, we would NEVER do that on purpose. We could always just do a colder instant replay sometime! 😉

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