Sweet Acorns

All right now…tell me if you can…have you ever seen anything so cute in all your life?!! Sweet little baby acorns.

I first saw these in an issue of Disney’s Family Time magazine and could not resist. They were so easy that it’s quite likely you don’t really need the instructions–but humor me.

Start with glazed donut holes…

and chocolate frosting, peanut butter or nutella. To me, the choice was obvious–but you do what you want.

You’ll also need crushed toffee bits and/or

those little chocolate sprinkly things.

Now, then–to impress upon your mind exactly how easy these little do-dads were to whip up, this is exactly when we started the process.

I should have been cool and poured the Nutella in a bowl, but having been raised by wolves, as I was–I just dipped it right out of the container. Don’t tell my family.

Now dip those little suckers in whichever topping you prefer–toffee bits or the sprinkly things.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that you’ll also need a small bag of stick pretzels. Snap about a third off and eat it. Don’t bite it off because that’s just tacky. Stick the pretzel piece in the top of your acorn.

Start to finish, INCLUDING clean-up. No lie and no Photoshop. Now that’s fast.

Be on the lookout for squirrels…or large teen-age boys pretending to be squirrels.

Eww…that would be creepy.

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  1. So cute! I think maybe I’ll try these for our family Halloween party. Impressive and no cooking involved – my kind of recipe!

  2. Seriously Launi!!! What are you trying to do to me???? Every one of my large squirrels (er, girls) were gathered around the computer talking about making these for school this week. Sigh, you do realize I live in a small town that doesn’t know what donut holes are, don’t you??? Now, I get to drive to Walmart 45 minutes away. Oh well, it will be a nice break.
    The girls are very excited about this. They all want me to make them today……..

  3. They were great tasting too. I’m going to try BC tub frosting next time just to compare. We took them to all our VT people. It was wonderful.


  4. I’m happy for their excitement, but sorry about the drive for you. But you could make the donut holes yourself, you know–with a tube of Pillsbury biscuits. Just cut them out with a bottle cap and deep fry them, roll them in granulated sugar and TA-Daaaa! You’re home free…sort of.

    Well, it’s an idea anyway. Let me know how it goes.


  5. I will never never never never stop being amazed and impressed with you! Wow, how cute, easy and well. . . amazing! Let me know how the frosting vs Nutella goes. I’m thinking the Nutella would be more subtle and not so much additional sweet??? The ingredients are on the shopping list and we’ll be stuffing our pouches (aka cheeks) soon. Thanks for all the fun ideas you share each day.

  6. I think the frosting will likely set up faster too. The Nutella worked great, but it took about 1/2 hour to set. Dang they were good…and gone fast!

  7. Cutest yummiest acorns ever! As we told everyone we shared them with, EVERYONE can use more acorns in their diet! πŸ˜‰ So cute Mom! πŸ™‚

  8. I love donut holes! I don’t feel as guilty when I eat a dozen of those compared to the big ones. I love your ideas!

  9. do you get your donut holes fresh from the shop or in a box at the grocery store? I think this a really cute idea but I’d omit the pretzel, it just gets in the way of the sugar!

  10. I had to make these yesterday because when you brought me some (so glad you visit teach me!) I did not share with my little squirrels. When I saw how easy they were to make we couldn’t resist! Thanks for the fun idea!

  11. I ordered them at Macey’s–so they would hold them for me. I just don’t get up early enough to get there before they are all sold out. They are pretty cheap though. I think 3 dozen were like $2 or something.

  12. Wow! We are going to make these for my daughter’s fall party for school! Thank you for your creative sharing!! (I also found this on Pinterest)

  13. Thanks for the great idea. I shared it with my sis.in.law, who will be making piles of them to welcome the teachers back to school. (Coming over from pinterest)


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  15. Those little chocolate sprinkle things are called jimmies if anyone cares!;) And I think I will be making these for Thanksgiving morning treats! They are sooooo cute! I might dip mine in the Nutella , then in chopped nuts….mmmmm!

  16. Made these last week with my grands. The oldest came in today asking if we could make that acorn craft again today. So glad we tried these it will be one of our staple snacks/crafts to have on hand when the grands are coming over.

  17. I found you through a post on Pinterest and think these acorns are just precious. But you’re brilliant sense of humor made me immediately sign up. You’re a hoot. I can’t wait to explore all the funnies you have to offer. Thanks.

  18. Excuse my brain cramp on my previous post . . . that post should be ‘YOUR’ brilliant sense of humor (not ‘you’re’ – because, yes, I know the difference and it’s one of my pet peeves). Anyway, clearly I can’t type and watch Dancing with the Stars at the same time.

  19. You–my dear–are sweet…like these acorns! HA!
    I hope I live up to your expectations though–you know, because what’s funny to one person may just be…um….yeah, well, I can’t remember how the rest of the saying goes…or if it’s a saying at all.

  20. Oh, my oldest daughter has the same pet peeve–she even corrects bill boards as we’re driving. Sometimes I mess up the your/you’re thing on purpose just to give her a little tweak. :]
    We should be pals–you sound like a kindred spirit.

  21. These are adorable! I have one question though…do you have to melt the Nutella or frosting before dipping the donut holes in? I have not worked with Nutella before so I’m not sure of it’s consistency. Thanks…Looking forward to making these! πŸ™‚

  22. I didn’t melt the Nutella before I used it and it was soft enough. The frosting might need to be warmed up just a tad–but not too much or they will stay gooey. Good luck! :}

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  24. @Launi,

    So glad I saw this on Pinterest. Fast, easy, cute — love it! This would great for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning.

    BTW @CathyNelson I would use a fresh jar of Nutella at room temp (as opposed to one that has been in the fridge) and if it still seems too thick or stiff, I would put the jar in some very warm water rather than try to microwave it.

  25. These are just so cute!!! And I love your sense of humor…’raised by wolves’…’large teen-aged boys pretending to be squirrels’…lol! I’ll have to look at more of your cool recipes that I can steal! You don’t mind…do you? lol! I just made an acorn kind of snack that I found on a cooking site! It was cute too, but not as easy as this one! Thanks for posting this!

  26. Well, i just wanna say…You saved ny life!!! I was going crazy not knowing what to offer my thanksgiving program visiting parents.. and since Im not really very creative in the kitchen area… well these acorns are a lifesaver, Thanks for the recipe!!!

  27. The acorns are just precious—-and your delivery is wonderful! I hope you won’t be offended, but I was taking a break and reading how you make them, with tears running down my face. You are so entertaining! Hugs!

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  29. What a cute idea! this would so work with my new cake pops pan and cake. Dip into simple glaze and follow rest of recipe. We have Tim Horton’s not two minutes from here and their little timbits would work perfectly. They come in all flavours. Thanks for a great and easy idea.

  30. Ooooh…Tim Horton’s–YUMMM! We met that “fellow” on our trip to New York. I had a Blueberry Crumb donut. Never been the same since. :}

  31. My daughter is in Alpaha Gamma Delta Sorority and they are the squirrels, what a perfect little treat for a get together for them. Thanks

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  33. Going to make a sugar glaze for mine. I think it will do better for setting up and dipping. Thanks for the very cute idea!

  34. Hmmmm…that could work. Might be a bit gooey though–but maybe that’s exactly what you want. ;] It would taste fabulous though. Let me know if you do it. :}

  35. OK – I love your blogs! I just made your apple pie bites (kids loved them), so I started looking at your other recipe blogs – I love them! Thanks for sharing!

  36. πŸ™‚ Boy, I bet these taste yummy with that Nutrella spread! I think I’d try it using some chopped nuts that I chopped in my Littel Oscar machine. Will the Nutrella keep the jimmies from falling off? I can just picture them all over the carpet..make everybody sit at the table when eating these. LOL! What a clever idea to serve at a party. I bet kids will love them as well as adults.

  37. πŸ™‚
    This Sunday is the beginning of fall- September 22,2013 and I happened to stumble across these lil acorn desserts !~ I am sooo making these for Thanksgiving in Nov. This year Im doing the desserts and yes my man got me addicted to Nutella- yay, so I will be using that !!

  38. have you heard of Biscoff spread…it’s made from Biscoff cookies (the airline cookie)… I use it in place of peanut butter…. think it would be delicious on the donut holes.. I use it on crisp apples, too. Yummy!

  39. thinking of making these for an autumn birthday, I have never heard of doughnut holes before do you know where they could be purchased in England?

  40. These look terrific…am planning on making them for a fall baby shower. How well do they keep? I’m trying to figure out how far in advance I can make them and still have them be fresh. Thanks for the geat idea!

  41. IMHO, they don’t keep. Nothing worse than a day-old stale doughnut!

    I would suggest ordering them the morning before the shower from your local Daylight Donuts or Dunkin’ Donuts (or whatever you have where you live) and then picking them up bright and early the morning of the shower. Get a couple of people to help you make an assembly line, and they’ll be done in no time.

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