The Hunt

It’s been a long, long time since there’s been a real, live family Easter egg hunt at this place. Yes, we are wearing coats on this beautiful…ahem…spring day. Oh, well…

I’m pretty sure the last time this lawn saw colored eggs, was when all these parents were the little guys.

But the dashing for eggs looks like the same magical fun.

The eggs are “hidden” properly in plain sight…

so today’s itty bittys can find them…

and snatch them up just like their mamas and daddies did…

a million years ago.

There were even a few left behind…for ahhhh….later.

All of this has happened so many times before…

but it still feels brand new to me.

What a lovely day!


6 Replies to “The Hunt”

  1. We had all 7 of the grand kids here and had a pretty impressive hunt of our own. Having the boys from Texas made it extra special – hopefully memories were made to keep us all hooked together until we gather again which will most likely not be for a very long time 🙁 Oh how empty the house feels after 4 days with it bulging at the seams – giggles, squeals, late night games, food for an army, and love that just bounced off of all of it.

  2. That does sound positively heavenly! And to have the room to make it all work…you are a very lucky lady my friend. :}

  3. We used to do them every year when the kids were little. Everyone would come or we’d all go to whoever had the biggest yard at the time. Sadly, that was never us, but we had zillions of plastic eggs so we loved that part. So fun.

  4. How fun! Wish I could have been there. I loved the Easter egg hunts we used to do, but you’re right it’s been quite a while. I remember how as I got older I’d have to wait to go outside to give the little guys some time to gather up some. So great. Thanks for posting these! It’s fun to see what I miss 🙂

  5. The more Baby Chomp enjoys events like this, the more I do too! 🙂 I love finding just the right balance of fun, silly holiday traditions mixed in with the REAL meaning of things! 😉

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