Breakfast Burritoes

Simply scrumptious ones, I mean.

We started with fresh cooked tortillas–you know, the kind that are rolled and pressed and stacked and just waiting for some deserving soul to toast them up. However, the precooked ones are fine too.

Make your favorite scrambled egg recipe and set it aside. We love diced ham, or crumbled bacon or sausage in our eggs. It works very well to add at least a handful of shredded cheese–that makes it all sticky and helps it hold together. Very important.

Everyone knows that the real secret to breakfast burrito perfection lies in the folding. So you’ll want to listen carefully.

Spoon about half a cup of the egg mixture to the middle left of the tortilla–spreading it into a rectangle.

Fold the two sides in over the rectangle ends.

This may look a bit tricky, but you can do it. While still holding the sides, fold up the bottom of the tortilla. Notice how the pinky fingers are even involved here keeping everything in place.

Now flip the whole darn thing over to the longer end of the tortilla. And there you have it…

a lovely, compact, hand-held, nearly complete meal. Add a slice of cantaloupe or grapefruit and you are ready for the day.

A simply scrumptious day!


7 Replies to “Breakfast Burritoes”

  1. Those look so yummy! We don’t usually eat them for breakfast but we definitely eat them for dinner! YUM!

  2. We used to fold them that way at Schlotzsky’s. It’s also important to have big enough tortillas too 😉 If they are too small then it’s hard to tuck them in just right. They’re looking good though! Good thing it’s lunch time or else I would be dying looking at those!

  3. Those look delicious, especially with the fresh tortillas! I could eat those by themselves all day long!

  4. We love breakfast burritos at our house but we put sausage and hash browns in ours, as well as scrambled eggs.

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