The Great Stuffing Fest

I know that Thanksgiving is over and we are all moving merrily onward to Christmas and all that shiny, sparkly stuff that we can’t get enough of. But in the interest of true disclosure, I want to share a few photos from last week. I think it’s is only fair to show you who you are really dealing with here.

I might be sorry…

We’ll see.

To say that our family loves stuffing–would be like saying, “a two thousand pound canary is a pretty big bird.” Yeah. We are certifiably stuffing psychos. We dry bread for daaays–7 loaves worth. And that’s just for our family. When my sister’s bunch and mine had Thanksgiving together, it was more like 12. So don’t look for counter space ANYwhere at our place, because we are using it.

WE’RE DRYING BREAD. Pans and pans and pans of it.

Are you frightened yet?

Perhaps you should be.

We have this big bowl. My sister and I share it because there can’t possibly be two bowls like this on earth. Oh, it’s a big bowl alright (remember the canary?). It’s so big that we have to store it out in my dad’s bake shop, hanging on the wall, because there is no cupboard big enough to hold it–it’s too big. It holds 12 loaves of dried bread without even whining. That’s big.

Have I said big too many times?

It’s for dramatic effect.

So then, it’s a given that someone will need to be willing to sacrifice their life in the service of their fellow family, by cutting up the hoards of onions that a batch like this requires. Jillian selflessly volunteered–and we nearly lost her–

but in the end…

she pulled through.

She is also personally offended that I said we nearly lost her.  Again, for dramatic effect.

Next, we boil the buttery, sagey, oniony broth until it is absolutely perfect. I’m not sure when that is exactly…it’s something that only a true stuffing genius knows.

We’re born with it.

The secret, magical, perfect broth is then poured over the unsuspecting dried bread…mushed around until all the spices are mixed evenly. I don’t have a picture of that because I was busy doing the mushing.

It is then toasted in the oven and fed to the awaiting crowd.

Ok…all that white meat was a big hit too.

They say turkey puts people to sleep…

but we know the truth.

Stuffing’s the culprit.

It’s a knock out…

5 Replies to “The Great Stuffing Fest”

  1. Okay, exactly how long does it take to eat all that stuffing? Can the recipe be downsized and still work? What about the dried bread cubes from the store? Is it moist and juicey after being baked? And when will you be making in again so I can invite myself for a taste?

  2. 1) About a week if you’re stuffing crack-heads like us.
    2) Yes it can–Dane used a shortened version and is still alive.
    3) Sounds like blasphemy to me.
    4) Oh, yeah.
    5) We’re taking the last pan out of the freezer to toast today. Come on over. Anything to get you here.

  3. STUFFING!!! Mmmm. Oh, and did I mention I LOVE chopping onions? It’s my weird thing to make up for not liking green beans or something. Reminds me of making stuffing with Grama–no one else wanted to do it. Then there’s the Schlotzsky’s days and making people think I was really crying when I was just, umm, onioning. Too fun.

    There you have it. My ode to onions. No losing me on that one.

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