The Bald Kid’s Severed Hand…

Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to tell you a gruesome campfire story or anything. But every year, my sister has a Halloween party on the Monday before trick or treats. And every year, before we leave she pulls out a huge basket with fun prizes and lets us choose from the basket. So you sort of want to go home before all the good stuff is gone. I think that must be how she gets us all to go home. ANYWAY…So for my prize, I chose an adorable shelf sitting witch with a green face and purple and pink hair. Lyndi chose some really cute, transparent skeleton stickers. Nate chose a jointed snake–not incredibly into snakes, but it was ok. So here comes Rhen. Yeah, he chooses a rubber, severed hand that you soak in water and it grows. I guess somebody didn’t think it was disgusting enough–and it needed to be BIGGER.

So this nasty piece of work is sitting on my kitchen counter…all day…all night…Feel free to gag.

I must admit that there are some parts of Halloween that I could do without…mostly severed body parts. Blaugh!  :p

7 Replies to “The Bald Kid’s Severed Hand…”

  1. COOL! So how big did it actually grow? It’s hard to tell from the picture, whether the hand is sitting in a drinking glass or in a punch bowl! It was fun to read what each one of you picked, and NO!, I don’t do it to get everyone to go home! DUH!


  2. Oh…it’s not done growing yet. We have it in a cereal bowl and the dang thing is getting way too big for it.

    sick sick sick…

  3. It’s looks like it’s trying to escape from the bowl, actually. :S It’s a little creepy!

  4. So, we took it out to let it dry and the fingers shriveled up first and the hand is still fat. So now, it’s even grossing
    Rhen out. Who thought that was possible. Ha!

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