That Old Red Van

 100 Happy Days #48

Oh, this old, sweet, silly, heroic, ridiculous red van.

As you may remember, it tried very hard to die a few months back which led to some exciting, unheard of behavior on my part.

But then, what to do with the red van…hmmmmmm?

Well, it didn’t seem prudent–or respectful for that matter, to just send it off to the junk yard to be crushed up into tuna cans.

No, no. That wouldn’t be right.


So, we had a very kind man come and tow it to the shop for one last fix up.


And what do you know? For less than $100 it is up and running just fine…

and on to it’s new home with a sweet new family that promised to love it nearly as much as we have.

Gr vanGood-bye old girl.

You’ve held a special place in our hearts.

We’ll never forget you.



Note: This post was all good and fine until the driver’s side door mechanism went out, totally freaking out the sweet people who wanted to give our old girl a new home. So, sadly…she is being put to rest and recycled. Well, no one can say we didn’t try.

I’ve decided that whenever I feel a twinge of guilt over it, I’ll just go for a drive in my little Ruby.

That should help.

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  1. I think it was just trying to get one last memory with you before it was sent out to pasture. It was sweeping the floor before the mob came, maybe? I think recycling it is noble… or at least green! 😉 Thanks you crazy old van. <3

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