A New Car

100 Happy Days #1


Yeah, I’m quite certain this pretty little thing is making me happier than anyone has a right to be. I’ve never actually walked in to a car dealership and bought a car..like ever. But to walk in and say, “Yeah. That one,” and drive out with it was…well…

it was magic, I tell you.


Please understand that I’ve behaved quite well for a number of years–19 in fact. Truth be told, I have loved this crazy, silly red van that has driven all my children to every single important thing that could possibly be imagined. It’s been a solid old trooper…indeed.



it never made me look out the window…

and giggle.

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3 Replies to “A New Car”

  1. That van took good care of you and all of us. You resurrected it enough times that it’s lived a better lifetime than any other car out there. So, SOOO many memories of where that van has taken us. Thank you for being so brave and sacrificing so much for us. You’re a fantastic Mom and you deserve that sparkly new car. 🙂

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