Ancient Hair Beads

100 Happy Days #2


Years ago, when my girlies were younger, they wore all kinds of pony tails–up, down, one, two, and side ways. Finally there came a day when they just didn’t use all the kid stuff to hold all that hair back, but for some reason, I just couldn’t part with the beads. I’ve kept them in a pretty jar with a bright pink lid, for years and years.

Now, to my delight, Miss Chompy can think of nothing better than to sit for an hour and string the beads to make a “beautiful necklace for Grammy.”

If only it would fit over my big old head.

A bracelet, perhaps?

Either way…it makes me happy.

2 Replies to “Ancient Hair Beads”

  1. I didn’t realize that’s what they were! That makes me happy that you kept them.

  2. I like them MUCH better as a bracelet… those things were intense as hair things! Maybe it was just me, but I know EXACTLY how it feels to have braids in your hair and when you turn around too fast, have it HIT you RIGHT in the face. Or maybe the mouth. Yeah. Good times.

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