Sweet Tooth Fairy

Ahhh yes…the rumors are true. I am in love.

April and I spent the evening with Dave at Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo, to make the final arrangements for the Harry Potter Premiere party next week. Look what he gave us.

No, no. Sharing is not an option…sorry.

This Dave fellow is one smart cookie…or should I say cupcake? Perhaps guys don’t actually like being called cupcakes so sufficeth it to say, he knows his stuff. He’s working on some amazing wizard cupcakes for our party and took us in the back to show us how they are made.

We are in soooo much trouble.


I’ll tell you, if I wasn’t already committed to finding a cute little farmer man with a Scottish accent, well, I’m quite certain that I could really fall for a guy who is up to his elbows in chocolate all day and has the Top Secret recipe for a Key Lime frosting that could bring world peace ALL. BY. ITSELF.

Alas, I’ll have to be satisfied with being madly in love with…

the cupcakes.

Somehow—it’s enough.

PS— Gracious Rain is being featured this week on Casual Blogger Community–please, please, check it out and leave a comment. Thank my dah-lings!

13 Replies to “Sweet Tooth Fairy”

  1. I obviously need to hang out with you people more. I had no idea . . . It’s probably better that I not ever even have the experience, they say addiction counseling is expensive :}

  2. Oh no, no. Addiction counseling is simple. We have the meetings at my house…I’ll bring the refreshments.

    We’re have you been anyway?


  3. I Love Cupcakes! Those look really really yummy! Wish I could be there for the Harry Potter party, can’t wait to see the pictures.

  4. Hey–we have exactly TWO seats left. I’d LOVE to save them for you. Want them? Don’t you think it would be worth the road trip? Huh—Huh?

  5. I know it’s borderline blasphemous to say so around your house, but here goes: I have zero interest in attending the Harry Potter premier, maybe even negative interest. Those cupcakes, however, have piqued my curiosity. If there are any leftover, I would LOVE to try one or some. Do you think you could throw them hard enough to make it to my house? Nah, probably not. Maybe a giant catapult? Accuracy might be a problem, and bugs. I wonder how much it would cost to overnight a cupcake . . . . Hmmm . . . . maybe it’ll just have to wait until I make a visit to your neighborhood, whenever that will be. 🙂

  6. I just re-read my comment I feel I need to clarify. I have LOTS of interest in attending a party with you and especially thrown by you. You guys throw great parties. My interest in HP is definitely in the negative zone. The fact that you guys are throwing the party is what brings it up around zero.

    However, I wish you the best and am sure your premier will be a magical (wizardly? spooky? spell-bindging? I don’t even know the right adjective to describe a HP party!) success!

  7. PHEW! I’m glad you clarified, because I was quite bummed to hear that you didn’t want to party with us. I’m glad to know that we are powerful enough to neutralize Harry Potter! *:D* I adore you!

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