Summerfest 2011…

is coming.

Yep, the signs are positively everywhere…

Roustabouts putting up there rides…

then testing them out.

Bleachers being set up to get a better view of the parade…

or watching those who are perfectly happy to watch everything from the ground level set up “camp.”

One the best signs that our favorite event–Summerfest– is coming soon is..

the official “claiming of a half city block” in the name of two sisters, 1 brother and all their kids.

I know, I know…it starts on Saturday and we have our blankets down on Thursday morning. It may seem early to you, but we do what we must to make sure nobody…I mean nobody–takes our special spot.

So if you go out on Saturday, and you see us, be sure to say hi. I promise, rain, sleet, snow or sunshine…

we’ll be there–so stay tuned!


6 Replies to “Summerfest 2011…”

  1. You guys are definitely dedicated to the cause. I hope you guys have so much fun!

  2. It’s a good thing we’re awesome like that… or a LOT of people would be out a freaking good spot at the parade. I hope they all know to thank us with Swedish Fish & Cheetos! 😉 Heh.

    I love Summerfest! *:D* I’m SOOO excited!

  3. We were able to go one year when my daughter still lived there. We loved it and we had so much fun!! Have a totally wonderful celebration!

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