Birdy Berries

I have this funny little dream–of walking out into the yard, on a cool summer’s evening…

with a pretty little china saucer in my hand…

and picking fresh strawberries, right there, from my own little patch and sitting on the porch, in a swing–eating them with real cream and just a pinch of sugar.

So we planted a few, and they grew into a few more…and each year

we add a few more, in the hopes that someday…

my silly dream will finally come true. I even have the china saucer…and the cream.

But we have one problem.

Anybody know a sure fire way to keep the robins out of my strawberry patch–that does not involve letting Bird-slayer Beanie out?



5 Replies to “Birdy Berries”

  1. I put some little wires with plastic strips on them to blow and rustle in the wind. We’ll see if that helps at all. Hope so.

  2. the plastic strips need to be mylar–shiny and noisy–lots and lots tied on or looped on. we use this method on our cherry trees…. we have one Mrs. Robin that grows her babies on sweet cherries as she just watches us put the mylar strips on and the minute we turn away, we watch her whole body work and strain to pull a cherry off to fly back to her nest with. by day two of putting on mylar strips, she is in the tree/leaves with us working to put the strips on…. not scared of us one bit. We do leave some cherries on the tree for her and her babies. But we always know exactly when to start picking-little beak pecks start showing up in the reddest cherries!

  3. I can send my dog over there and have him watch the birds eat your strawberries. Or watch them eat his dog food.

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