Summer Colors

This year, with all the lovely excitement going on–Dane’s wedding in February, our new sweet baby–Magoo in March, birthdays in April, our Mother’s Day trip and a Bridal Shower in May and now our little Jillian’s wedding coming soon–there has been no time to plan or prepare or buy or plant very much in the way of new flowers this year.

I’ve been worried that I would miss the colors that usually greet us at the front door, or outside my window or in the side planter–you know, if I didn’t DO something soon.

But oddly enough, while strolling through the yard, I realized that some lovely things just happen…on their own…

almost by magic.

Some loveliness was put there on purpose…

but most of it just sprung up–as a surprise…

in the midst of our oh-so-important-busyness.

A sweet reminder from Mother Nature, perhaps…

that we don’t always need to be in charge of everything.

And that while it’s wonderful to be able to plan and prepare and buy and plant so that everything is just the way we want it, when it comes to natural breathtaking beauty—

Mother Nature has indeed got it covered.


3 Replies to “Summer Colors”

  1. 😛 I’m gonna have to try this banana freeze treat for sure, thanks for sharing…also the flowers are beautiful, I also have a yard full of flowers, the Lily’s are especially beautiful, I have several varieties, and some roses and a flower called primrose, they are all perenials, hope I spelled that right! Jarine

  2. I liked the Banana Freeze the best after it was frozen solid. It was fabulous!
    Primroses don’t last very long around here but they are sure beautiful. I’ve never gotten one to come back the next year though. I wonder if our summers are just too hot.

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