Stuff That Makes Me Smile

My very favorite “peeps.”

My silly boy immortalized in…cotton—so nobody forgets him. Isn’t he just so CUTE?

Pretty little barrettes on a pretty little ladybug.

The Springy-est colors on the face of earth.

A guy who can dance…anywhere…anytime…for any reason.

A table full of pure heaven. No, there aren’t any left. Sorry.

A girl with her priorities straightened out.

A sweet card from a boy down the road…who shall remain name-less.

Ok, ok–it’s from the artist-formerly-known-as-the-bald-kid.

And lastly–a tiny guy who is perfectly secure in his manliness–when he’s “bein’ the dad.”

What about you? What makes you smile?


5 Replies to “Stuff That Makes Me Smile”

  1. Thunder clouds and a few more days of warm soup, fabric to cut, pin, sew and press into a beautiful new quilt, walking with ONE crutch (so incredible to have a hand to carry things with) and knowing that spring really will come and a garden can be planted to enjoy incredible fresh vegetables with extra to fill the shelves again.

  2. It took me a second to realize those weren’t real peeps.

    A few hours of quiet during the day, fabric to create, and a warm house.

  3. What makes me smile? YOUR BLOG! I smiled with each new picture in this post!! 🙂 My 3 grandkids can bring out smiles bigger than life itself…..just by being here but especially when they’re headed home and I get “an extra” hug as they go out the door. I smile as I watch my kids raising their kids. Lately I’ve REALLY been smiling at the “new spring” landscapes God has been busy making for us!!!!

  4. That’s a rad picture of Dane! 🙂 I saw a video of a guy dancing outside of his car in the middle of the road (that isn’t so cool) but the dancing part was fun. Sometimes you just can’t hold back. 😉

  5. Oh… Baby Chomp and the DS. That’s too funny!

    The Sun shining after it’s been gone for a LONG time.
    Having fun events to look forward to.
    Having awesome family and friends so close by.
    Being able to easily stay in touch with faraway family and friends.
    Leftover Easter candy.

    Lots of things make me smile… 😉

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