Spooooky Skirts

Aaa 077

These Autumn days…

A rain 010

 that can’t seem to make up their minds–

A rain 106

cold? warm? rainy? dry? hot? cool? slippers? sandals? and on and on.

A 259

The cool and cold of these days sends me to my fabric stash or to the fabric shop—which is so much more dangerous–to find something lovely to play with.

AAAA 003

The holiday fabrics are always a temptation because I have these sweet dolly babies that are so fun to dress-up. And so I flew downstairs to my “sewing chamber” to contemplate the seasons and…

Aaa 004

came back up with thousands of Halloween skirts for the little ladies.

Aaa 062

I found the free Lazy Days skirt pattern over at Oliver + S to be positively perfect–quick and easy. My kind of project.

Aaa 067

Of course, it never actually occurred to me to ask the Mamas if they even wanted a thousand girlie Halloween skirts. Wasn’t willing to risk them saying, “no.”

Aaa 002

So I will ask you, my friends–

How do you think it will go over when Lily-foo and Baby Chompy…

Aaa 077

wears pirate skirts….to church?



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20 Replies to “Spooooky Skirts”

  1. *:D* We wouldn’t say no!!! I love that you have so much fun dressing my little Baby Chomp!!! She’s lucky to have such a creative and generous Grammy!!!

    And about the Pirates at church… I tested the waters last week and it went fine enough… not it’s time for Baby Chomp to try it! 😉 We’ll see…

  2. If the young men can wear Sponge Bob ties or some of the other things I’ve seen them wear, I don’t know what anyone can legitimately say about any of those Halloween skirts. Plus, I think Halloween should be celebrated all year. Seriously, we all could use a bit more spirituality in our lives.

  3. I love the Halloween skirts…but I love the stash of fabric you showed even more. All that orange! I love fall!!!!

  4. Launi, I have to say, I thought they were so cute that I had to make one, especially when I found that cute candy corn fabric in the remnants at Hancock Fabrics. Too bad I don’t know if I’ll have a little girly to dress up in the skirt for Halloween. It was just too cute to pass up.

  5. Ha ha! Good one…We had a guys sitting on the stand one time that was wearing a Taz tie–just this great big Taz face with his tongue sticking out. It was pretty distracting–I must say—but it was funny.

  6. Oh, fear not. I’m sure there’s a sweet girl in your future somewhere. Good for you for making one. I had three girls first and by the time I had my boys, we had collected quite a stash of blues and dark greens.

    So glad you are with us Sarah!

  7. Well—maybe you’ll have one someday. We love our boy–but girls are just so fun to dress! I love your blog–by the way.

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