Stuff I’m Loving…

right this minute…

A rain 110

1. All these cool pumpkins from our very own garden

Aaa 032

2.  This happy little shopper getting comfortable in the cart

Aaa 013

3.  A pan of English “Flapjack” candy-granola-type stuff that was fabulous until I burned it. Dang puddle.

A rain 007

4. Seriously cute baby hair

Aaa 050

5. Holiday Herbal Tea in Sugar Plum Spice flavor just in the nick of time

A rain 065

6. Tweedle-Dee and the Noodle

Aaa 038

7. Strawberry Peanut Butter M&M’s…can I just say…W.O.W.

A rain 098

8. A rainy backyard on a sun-shiney day

A rain 101

9. Rainbows that obediently follow the rain

A rain 128

10. A brave kitty watching the sunset from a very wet deck

And so we see—all is right with the world.

9 Replies to “Stuff I’m Loving…”

  1. I love the fall! I love big pots of soup, stew, or chili on the stove or in the crockpot filling the house with wonderful smells. I love that while the soup is cooking the hot delicious bread is baking in the oven.

  2. We’re lucky to have such great stuff in our world! Babies, pumpkins, rain, rainbows! 🙂

    I think the “backyard” picture is funny… that’s not OUR backyard! Ha ha ha! Oh well! I know what you mean!

    Stay away from the M&M’s… “those things are bad for you!” I think I would rather have the plain PB ones… to each their own! 😉

  3. We were just trying to catch the rain coming down in the photo, and so you’re right we got more of the neighbors yard than ours! But the rain…focus on the rain…it looks so cool. Great photography Jillian!

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