In the Air

I went outside this morning as usual and noticed that distinct Autumn nip in the air. You know the one, where you can’t tell if you need sandals or wooly socks, long sleeves or short…coat or no coat.

Oh, there are other signs that our beloved Autumn is here, to be sure. One being–apples everywhere. I would need boxes and boxes of these ones to make me perfectly happy.

Somehow we can’t seem to get enough and at the rate we’re eating them, we should be keeping the “…doctor away” for the next decade or so.

Then, of course, with the lowering temperatures comes casserole season, because at last, at last it’s actually wonderful to walk past a warm oven.

Another symptom, for me anyway is that I can’t seem to crochet fast enough. In fact, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere, upstairs, downstairs, in the car, or visiting without a project bag slung over my shoulder. This little thingy is a new afghan for the boy and his cute little wife…more on that as it progresses. :}

Molasses cookies–even ones that flattened too much and spread all over the place–are an absolute must this time of year too. It’s a Halloween thing because my mama used to make them, and so I must too–even if I seem to be the only ones around here eating them. Fine. By. Me. Hee hee.

(In case you’re wondering, I put the dough in the fridge for a few hours and the rest of the cookies behaved themselves just beautifully.)

Even Miss Fussy-Britches, Jiffy is looking for just the right spot of coveted sunshine on my bed to curl up in–before Beany beats her to it. It’s a Fall thing.

And the best Autumn clue of all would be the glow in the dark skeleton jammies for Mr. Magoo. Why this poor boy is all skin and bones! Baahaha.  You may have noticed that my Autumn assessment has not included any leaf changing. I’m afraid that will have to wait until the trees in the yard actually get the message and turn. For now, it’s apples and blankets and fuzzy socks and warm snuggly babies to help us welcome the changing season.

That’s ok.

It’ll do.

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3 Replies to “In the Air”

  1. All the pix are wonderful, but I really am intrigued by the cookies. I would love to make some JUST like those, thin and crunchy, or chewy as the case may be!

  2. I linked the cookies to it’s recipe–sorry, I forgot that earlier. They spread out like that because I left the dough on the counter long enough for the butter to get really soft, then, I flattened them with a glass. If that’s how you want them, be sure to give them plenty of room or they’ll just melt together. I love that they tasted great either way.

  3. I’m glad we’re getting an Autumn this year. It’s always hard to go right from HOT to SNOW! I love the in between of things. 🙂 I must’ve gotten that from my wise Mother. 🙂

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