Snowy Scarf

Finally, we’re getting a bit colder weather around here and it seems to be nudging our sleepy green leaves into turning. Not that I’m begrudging the strange, lovely October sunshine, oh no–but at last it feels more appropriate to begin working on a few little things for…dare I say…Christmas.

A simple double crochet grid pattern can turn into the most luxurious, fluffy, amazing thing–

just by using this crazy yarn.

This stuff feels like you’re crocheting with soft, squishy pipe cleaners.  :}

And I can personally vouch for how warm it will be, as I had to keep moving the project off my lap every 10 minutes or so to keep from over heating! Pretty sure I could warm up some Eskimos with this toasty piece of work.

Which is good, because Autumn seems to be coming…

at last.

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4 Replies to “Snowy Scarf”

  1. I’m glad we’re really getting and Autumn this year… instead of it jumping right to Winter. It does trick me into thinking that Christmas is further away than it really is. 😉 I better get thinking about things a little more than I have so far.

  2. oh, that looks so pretty!! i have a hard time finding my stitch with that fuzzy yarn though…. Our fall has been so nice i hate to think of snow flying!!

  3. Oh, I know what you mean about the fuzzy yarn–I sorta have to feel my way. But this kind isn’t too bad.
    Fall has been kinda weird, hasn’t it? Our trees have no idea what’s going on and most of them are still green. I just hope it doesn’t just switch over night and snow on green leaves. They all turn black and stay like that all winter. It’s really ugly.
    Love your site.

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